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Braxen Bonnet

Braxen Braid Bonnet

Braxen Braid Bonnet

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      Braxen Silk Braid Bonnets are great for maintaining your hair. The smooth silk material locks in moisture to help prevent your hair from frying out; which is especially important for braided styles.  The braid bonnet will help maintain healthy hair habits. Investing in a silk bonnet can help to ensure that your hair stays hydrated and well-protected.     

     Braxen Braid Bonnets are a great choice for protecting your long braids while keeping them looking sleek and stylish. The smooth silk material helps to prevent frizz and breakage, ensuring that your braids stay healthy and beautiful. Plus, the long design of the bonnet allows you to comfortably cover and protect all of your braids, no matter how long they are. Invest in a silk long braid bonnet to keep your hair looking fabulous and well-protected.

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